The Chernarussian Civil War

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The Chernarussian Civil War

Post by Colonel Scoutie on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:56 pm

The Chernarussian Civil War

The year is 2008, Chernarus is in times of crisis, the state is on the merge to Civil war against their own people who call themselves the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ), they demand to be under Russian rule once again but the Chernarussian Government claim that they want to remain independent.

Russian Involvement to the situation

The Russian president informs the Chernarussian Government that they do not want control over Chernarus again, he believes all threats by the ChDKZ are empty and does not support their actions.

This Video states how even if the Russians don't take the ChDKZ in they still want to fight against there enemy, the Chernarussian Government
Once this statement was made a series of bombings began to hit Chernarus, the Chernarussian Government have military on standby to take action against his own people. Russia's President demands the Chernarussian Government to stand down to prevent a war or Military action will be taken. Although the Chernarussian Defence Force (CDF) is still funded by Russia the Chernarussian president refuses to stand down against the ChDKZ

ChDKZ Bombings
Where we come in

Russia has no choice but to send in a highly trained Spetsnaz OMON Military Police group to eliminate CDF ammo caches to prevent the war escalating. The CDF is funded by Russia and they are currently not being traded so cannot obtain weapons back if weapons caches are destroyed.
It is currently unknown what other actions may be taken.
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