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Post by Colonel Scoutie on Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:48 am

After years of hardship between Russia and The United States another Cold War has begun, The small tropical country of Lingor has been taken over by the newly formed Soviet Union.

A small United States task force has been sent towards the Island to deal with the constant uprisings of the Lingorian people. The North split up from the South, the city of Maruko stays positively Capitalist Versus the rest of the Communist south.
Trained Soviet forces keep control of the remaining cities on the Island trying to push back the American forces from CAMP Lima situated at Maruko International Airport.

23/03/2013 - United States forces push into the town of Victorin, out manned and outgunned the unorganized assault claimed many American lives resulting in a defeat. Soviet forces still hold the town.

31/03/2013 - United States forces make there way into FOB Eddie located West of Maruko, the American forces attempt an Amphibious assault to the middle eastern Island occupying Benio and then making a successful assault upon the Soviet occupied Villa Oscura. After a successful assault the United States plan a counter attack on the town of Victorin by landing near Tamba assaulting the South of the town successfully occupying it making a strategic advantage point for further advances.

01/04/2013 - Heavy Intel shows that the Soviets plan a counter attack on the heavily defended stronghold of Villa Oscura in an attempt to launch an attack from there towards Maruko. United States Forces prepare for invasion.
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