[After Action Report] OP TROPIC STORM 2 (AND 1)

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[After Action Report] OP TROPIC STORM 2 (AND 1)

Post by Sergeant Merridew on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:56 am


Well from my perspective from the air the operations went a lot better than before. I believe it to be you guys are getting used to ACE and how it works. Also the high numbers helped a lot, this meant you could keep pushing while waiting for those re-insert's to return meaning when they get there, the fight gets easier.

From 656 logistical wise it was a bit of a mess, due to the high AA this meant we had to push our skills to the limits to get you guys back in the fight and those injured away from it. From a mission makers perspective, I need to lock those empty vehicles due to the AI getting in them and using them.

If anyone else would like to comment (well I didn't know what the ground was like) please reply.
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